Tuesday, June 21, 2011

E-Liquid Adventures!

So at last I managed to get my hands on some E-Liquid. This turned out to be a glycerine-based tobacco flavour which I had got from a UK supplier called Liberro (see next post for full review). Now I would be able to see if I could get more than 30 minutes joy out of my already overworked Gamucci....let the fun begin!

I first tried refilling the cartridge of my e-cig. The filling case is located deep inside the plastic cartridge and seems to be filled with wool or something similar. I hit it with about 4 drops and let it sit for a while, before giving giving it a few drags....this failed dismally at my first attempt- no vapour at all- so I filled it up a little more. When the cart filler was pretty much saturated, I gave it a final honk and got a fairly decent amount of vapour and flavour, though this only lasted for about 10 puffs or so. It seemed that maybe the bridge of my atty was either not making close enough contact with the filler, or that the atty itself was not powerful enough to vaporize the liquid. I tried recharging the battery, but no real change. Maybe refilling was not the way forward... Time for the dripping option!
Saturated filler case inside the Gamucci cart
After another battery recharge I took off the cartridge case of my device to expose the atomiser (or atty) and dripped a couple of drops of the liquid onto the bridge. I puffed a few times to heat the coil and managed to get more vapour than with the cartridge, but was still not really getting enough quality action for long enough to be impressed. As a last resort, I decided to drain the atty by removing it from the battery and cart and then blew a few times through the bridge end onto a piece of tissue paper. This produced a lot of brown gunk- e-liquid that had built up over recent weeks. When I was sure it was dry I reassembled all the parts except the redundant filler case, and tried dripping once again. Amazingly, this worked and within a couple of minutes, it was billowing great clouds of white vapour...I was in Vape Heaven again (for about ten puffs) and then I dripped again....I am now a dripper!

I concluded then that I had saved my Gamucci from a one way trip to the happy dustbin, but would maybe need to direct drip rather than refill it, and that better maintenance would be required from now on on my part (sharp hand-slap administered).