Monday, June 20, 2011

My Big Dilemma: Dripping or Cartridges?

After a couple of hours lurking through various forums, I learn that hardly any veteran vapers seem to be using cartridges at all! Instead, they prefer "direct dripping", which involves dripping a few drops of e-liquid directly onto the e-cig atomiser, thereby disposing of the need for a messy liquid-filled cartridge. They also claim dripping produces a stronger flavour/vapour, and some even say that this technique can extend the life of the atomiser by keeping it wetter for longer. I also learn that those stalwarts who still prefer using cartridges tend to use refillables, which they load with their own e-liquid.

Dripping my atty-stand back!
So now my head's in a right spin and I don't know whether to drip or refill. I'm not into the option of foregoing cartridges completely as they seem to me to be more convenient and certainly less hassle than having to stop and bottlefeed my Gamucci like a baby every ten drags or so (I reckon I already look weird enough walking around puffing on this thing as it is).

Whichever option I decide to go for, I know that I'm going to have to find an e-liquid supplier pretty quickly. More importantly, I'm also going to start avoiding my friendly neighboorhood chemist, who has almost certainly just ordered in another 50 packs of cartridges which he confidently expects me to purchase on a regular basis over the next few months....(Sorry, Mr Patel).