Monday, July 4, 2011

Resurrected...The Return of the Killer Cartos!

After having finished that long-winded retrospective review of the Realis in my last post, I started to feel a bit nostalgic and more than a little guilty for having completely neglected the little fella over the last few weeks in favour of my new Joye-style 510 stick with its big, friendly batteries. So I decide to retrieve my little Realis battery out of its resting place in the empty shot glass on my spice shelf, dust it down and try to see if it still puffs as well as it did in the good ole days before I put it to bed about a month ago....had a look for a spare blank carto and remembered that running out of pricey blank cartos was the reason I had stopped using the Realis in the first place....
Left for Dead...The Realis Cartomiser Graveyard!

In fact, I hadn't actually run out of them, but had nevertheless attempted to clean and renew all 15 of my old gunky many-times-refilled, over-vaped and exhausted cartos by boiling them in a pan of water, after I had seen someone recommending this trick on a forum somewhere. After watching them bob around in the pan for 10 minutes as directed, I had left the cartos to dry for three days before attempting to fill one of them with liquid, but when I attempted to vape it, just ended up with what I can only describe as a mouthful of warm, green, bean-flavoured steam.

Presuming my cartos had now exceeded their natural lifespans and were probably not worth bothering with, I had left them to fester for a total of three whole weeks in that miserable cupboard. That was before I rediscovered them again.....

"What if....?" I think, as I pick one of the hard-boiled carto corpses out of the jar and stare at it for two minutes, wondering if it will really be worth wasting even more drops of precious liquid on...but I'm missing my Realis! I decide to give it a shot and so fill the battered, beaten and fried little carto with a total of 12 drops of 2.4 PG liquid. This time, instead of oozing sticky e-liquid all over my kitchen floor, the carto drinks it up almost instantly. Too impatient to wait any longer I screw on a freshly charged battery and take my first tentative puff on the Realis for nearly a month. First drag, absolutely nothing....second drag, a ghostly streak of blue vapour, then drag three, which is so strong it nearly takes my face off....huge plumes of surgical strength vapour delivered from a carto that has been boiled and abused so much you wouldn't believe it...this thing is back on and is working better than it did before- I can't believe it!

To cut an already long story short, ALL my old blank Realis cartos, once buried and left for dead, are now back in action and are puffing out high quality vapour like there is no tomorrow, thanks to a simple 15 minute boil and a VERY LONG drying spell in my cupboard! 

So I would like to take this opportunity to apologise solemnly to my poor Realis for having bitched about it being so inefficient and expensive to run and for slagging off the pathetic lifespan of its I have at least another two weeks vaping on these resurrected cartos and my Realis is back in action!

My newly-discovered Realis Carto Resurrection Method (ok, so it's not actually my method..) is as follows: 

1. Dismantle your old and fried-out Realis blank cartos, making sure to remove the washers and caps
2. Boil in a pan of water for 10-15 mins.
3. Cool and blow through/shake to dry (but do not disturb filler material when doing so).
4. Leave open to dry mouth end up on kitchen towel thoroughly for several days in a cupboard (or presumably in sunny spot in your house).
5. Do not even think about filling until you are 100% sure that all of the filler is absolutely BONE DRY!
6. Whine on your blog/forums about how useless cartos are.
7. Reattach your carto, fill with PG and vape away!
8. Experience guilt and remorse for having done so much whining about cartos before you realised they were actually ok.
9. See how many times you can vape, boil and dry the same Realis cartos before they really do die and then post me a reply before I get a chance to waste more even more of my life writing about it first....

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