Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Something weird has happened to my nose!

I had heard this might happen after I'd been vaping for a while but didn't really believe it...

Until recently, and despite years of not smoking, I would often crave the smell of real tobacco smoke, and would more often than not get an urge to smoke if a friend lit up or even if I picked up a smoky aroma from across the street.

Over the last few weeks however, something very strange seems to have happened to my nose....After only several months of e-smoking, I have actually started to detest the smell of cigarette smoke.

The first time I noticed it was about a month ago on my way to work on a nice sunny day, when a guy in the next car pulled down his window to tap out some ash, and the smoke from his cigarette wafted into my car. As soon as it hit me I started to sneeze and remember being surprised at how acidic the smell was. Another time, a couple of weeks ago while I was in a bar with an outside smoking area, the same thing happened but this time the smell was so overpowering that I actually had to get out and move to another bar. I now find myself going out of my way to avoid strangers (and even friends) who are smoking.

Is my nose's recent smoke-based aversion really just down to vaping? Am I "cured" of smoking and the desire to smoke at last? That's certainly how this feels right now. The weirdest thing about this change in my sense of smell is that my body seems to have come to the conclusion that real cigarettes are disgusting before my mind has had a chance to even think about it.

It seems strange that this didn't happen before while I was chewing on nicotine gum and sticking patches all over myself. Why is it that even with a mouthful of high strength nico gum, (and possibly a patch or three attached too) I still longed for the disgusting stench of burning tar? Surely, while I was using gum and patches my brain and body were getting enough of the nicotine they craved, so why did my fickle nose wait until now to inform me that it hates tobacco smoke? Is it because vapour just tastes better? Or is it because while vaping I'm imitating the act of smoking so closely that my now-satisfied mind has just decided that actual smoking is too filthy and dangerous to bother with any more?

As a final thought, I wonder if other forms of replacement therapy have similar olfactory effects to the vaping smell phenomenon. If I chew on a donut-flavoured rubber chicken for a month, will my nose eventually decide to start hating the smell of fried chicken?

Any guidance on this issue would be deeply appreciated.