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Saturday, November 5, 2011

DIY E-Liquids from Natural Extractions: Chocolate/Cinnamon

Freshly hand-crushed cinnamon stick
In a bid to reduce the amount of artificial stuff I usually vape on, I recently began experimenting with creating my own natural flavourings for my e-liquids. Through a process of trial and error, I now have a couple of crystal clear extracts, which are highly realistic and very satisfying in terms of flavour-especially considering they were so simple to make.
DIY natural cinnamon extract

I tried extracting flavours from coffee, ginger and tea, but these weren't particularly nice; chocolate and cinnamon are the two that really stood out as powerful characteristic flavours, and these two have now replaced my regular artificial flavours as my staple all-day vapes..The chocolate one in particular is the best chocolate flavour I have ever tasted- not like cocoa at all- a really warm and full flavour. Unless you have distilling apparatus (unlikely unless you are a chemist, bootlegger or sorcerer) and are using pure grain alcohol or some other powerful solvent that you can evaporate down to a few drops, the extracts you can make at home are generally a lot more dilute (you might need up to 60% of extract per mix of e-liquid).

However, that shouldn't put you off making natural extracts: I find flavours taste much brighter and stronger at more natural dilutions (all the most realistic commercial tobacco e-liquids contain dilute tobacco extracts) - the only downside is that you have to make them in larger quantities.
Pure cocoa powder

Ingredients and equipment:
All you need is some good cocoa powder (NOT drinking chocolate-should just contain powdered cocoa and nothing else-I'm using Bournville Cocoa Powder in UK) or a fresh cinnamon stick, some Propelene Glycol and a clean drinking glass or bowl. You also need a couple of pieces of kitchen roll or regular Kleenex (don't use coffee filter papers-they aren't fine enough). If you have a small funnel or sieve/colander, these will also come in handy, but are in no way essential.

These two recipes should give you about 8-10ml of delicious extract, which you can then top up with what ever nicotine solution you prefer.You always lose a bit of PG in this process, as some of it gets absorbed into the powder dregs which you discard. Because cocoa powder is more absorbant than cinnamon sticks, you will get a bit more PG wastage, so you will need more PG to get your final mixture up to 10ml. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
1. Pour 15ml of Propelene Glycol liquid into a small bowl or glass
2.Add one large, freshly hand-crushed cinnamon stick and mix well
3. Leave to infuse for at least 1 hour, or overnight for a really strong flavour.
4. Place one sheet of clean kitchen towel (or two sheets of Kleenex) over a drinking glass or small bowl
Pour hot mixture through filter
5. Heat your PG/cinnamon mixture for 7 seconds on full power in your microwave, or a few seconds in a larger bowl of hot water- this is just to make the liquid thin enough to go through the filter. It should be hot, but not boiling.
6. Pour hot mixture through paper filter very slowly-it should take a few minutes. Putting a plate or something else over the filter paper will stop the whole lot falling through and ruining the filtered liquid-or put your filter paper over a sieve or colander. DO NOT poke or tease the mixture in the filter paper, and do not squeeze it to get the last few drops out, as this will result in a cloudy extract.
7. After a few minutes remove filter paper and discard contents-you should now have a clear liquid at the bottom of the glass. Leave to cool and mix with your favourite unflavoured nicotine base.
1. Pour 20ml of Propelene Glycol liquid into a small bowl or glass
2.Add 5 ml of fresh cocoa powder and stir until fully absorbed

3. Leave to infuse for 10 mins (any more and the mixture can become too starchy)
4.Follow instructions 4-7 as above in cinnamon recipe

Choco mixture can take longer to filter

Mixing with your extracts:
Filtered extracts ready for nicotine
When you have extracted the liquids as shown above, check that they are crystal clear and free of particles before mixing with them. I would recommend that your flavour extract makes up around 40-60% of your final e-liquid mix. If, like me, you are dripping with a 510 or similar device, you may want to make the liquid thicker before you use it in your PV. I thicken all my finished extracts with a heavy VG/nicotine mix (Platinum Ice 54mg from Ecig Wizard UK works very nicely and is very good value). If on the other hand, you use cartos, you will not need to thicken - a pure PG/nicotine mix will be ideal for your device and you will also get a stronger, fuller flavour.

Improving the flavours further:
These natural home made essences do not really need anything added to them - they taste great as they are, but if you want to really pop the flavours out, you can add a few drops of Ethyl Maltol solution (you can get this from ECigWizard (or Cotton Candy flavour-try Lorann Flavours). Alternatively, you can try sucralose sweetener, which will serve a similar purpose.

Want pre-mixed realistic-tasting tobacco eliquids? Realistic Tobacco Eliquids!

Want to try mixing your own tobacco e liquids from flavour concentrates?   DIY Tobacco Liquids from Concentrates

When experimenting with your own extracts, avoid any substances with a high fat/oil content. Nuts/citrus peel/vanilla pod, etc should probably be avoided. If you aren't sure what you are doing, don't bother!


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