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DIY Tobacco Flavour E Liquids

Still love tobacco-flavour e liquids?

There's so much boring grumbling these days from hardened vapers about how uncool tobacco flavours are. According to them, you should just grow up, forget about tobacco and move onto vaping more sophisticated flavours (like pineapple, lavender or bacon).

best tobacco eliquids

I've been vaping for over a year now and I'm proud to scream out loud that I still dig tobacco-flavoured e liquids above all else. Even though I now hate cigarettes, I love the rich, mellow and complex taste of tobacco and am a big fan of natural extracts such as those produced by some of the bigger Chinese manufacturers. Of course, other flavours can also be satisfying and make a nice change, but for me, the taste of tobacco rules supreme.

If like me, you're also a closet tobacco flavour fan, then it's time to ignore the grown-up purist anti-tobacco whingers and start mixing your own tobacco flavours. Believe me, you won't be disappointed!

Why bother mixing your own tobacco flavours?

Mixing your own tobacco flavours from concentrates allows you the opportunity to find the right tobacco flavour blend for you. It also means you can play around with amounts of nicotine liquid, VG or PG, depending on what kind of device you're using. With so many delicious tobacco extracts and flavours available, you'll find blending your own tobacco flavours a lot of fun.

Tobacco Flavour Concentrates: where to buy

I like to use Hangsen tobacco flavour concentrates as my flavour base as these are rich, deep, expertly blended, and because they contain real tobacco extracts. I have ordered these before direct from China, though shipping can be expensive and you may also have to pay import duty on top of the price of your bulk order.

For this reason, I now prefer to buy smaller quantities of these tobacco extracts from ecigsoutlet, a local UK supplier. They offer 5ml and 10ml bottles of PG-based Hangsen tobacco flavour concentrates for £3.49 and £6.29 respectively.

Which are the best tobacco flavour concentrates for DIY mixing?

Of the huge range of Hangsen flavours that ecigsoutlet offers, I would highly recommend the "Turkish Tobacco" flavour concentrate above all others. This is the strongest, darkest and most realistic tobacco flavour I have ever tasted. When mixed with pure PG, it has a highly realistic oriental, smokey tobacco flavour comparable with fresh cigars or Turkish cigarettes. If you only order one flavour concentrate, then this one is the one to go for. "Tobacco" is another flavour concentrate that I think is worth a try. This one is a very nice generic alkaline tobacco flavouring that is not overpowering and which can provide a subtle, but solid base for any other flavour notes you wish to add. The ambiguously-named USA mix is a very deep and chocolatey mix, which I have also found very satisfying. This rich tobacco concentrate is often used for flavouring mini-cigarette carto refills and generic tobacco e-liquids. Winston is another nice, realistic concentrate, and is similar to, though a little milder than the USA mix (and is also a bit closer to the Turkish Tobacco flavour). Finally, both Gold and Silver and Hilton are a bit more acidic and so are not for everyone, though they are quite tasty generic tobacco flavours nevertheless.


Flavourless Nicotine Liquids: reliable suppliers

Vist hisVape Site
HisVape Flavourless Nicotine Liquid
Flavour concentrates contain no nicotine, so you will need to find a good quality flavourless nicotine liquid to mix with, as well as a couple of bottles of PG or vegetable glycerine base liquid for dilution.

I use cartomisers these days, and so prefer to use a PG nicotine base, which I get from UK. Of course, FlavourArt's Ice Blade is another great EU-made flavourless PG liquid to consider.

Much as I love the Hangsen flavour concentrates, I generally avoid their flavourless nicotine liquids, which though cheaper, tend to have a strange smell, which I find often affects the flavour of any mixes I make. You will also need to get a couple of 100ml bottles of either Vegetable Glycerine or Propylene Glycol. (try any of the suppliers above).

DIY Mixing with flavour concentrates

Mixing your flavours is very simple as long as you follow these basic guidelines:

1. Your tobacco flavour concentrate should make up about 25-30% of your finished e liquid.

2. PG bases and PG nicotine liquids really light up these flavours. If possible, either avoid using VG at all, or consider a 80-20 PG-VG mix.

3. Mixing well and allowing to steep for a few hours will improve flavours.

Spicing up your DIY tobacco mixes

1. Adding sweetener (pure sucralose liquid) and/or ethyl maltol will sweeten up your mixes.

2. Other flavours (in very small amounts) can make your mixes more interesting. Try adding one drop of FlavourArt rose flavouring to 10 ml of finished liquid for an oriental flavour. A few drops of your own natural chocolate extract will make for richer. darker tobacco flavours, too. Licorice and aniseed flavours, again in VERY small quantities, will add freshness and zest to your DIY tobacco mixes.

FlavourArt's black fire is tolerable in the tiniest of quantities - maybe one drop max per 10ml - and will add extra smokiness if you're really into the realism thing, though any more and your mix may end up tasting like a barbecue. Likewise many people like to add a miniscule amount of menthol to non-menthol mixes to pop out existing flavours.

Example DIY tobacco recipe Oriental Mix (10ml)

Mix 1ml Turkish Tobacco flavouring with 2ml Tobacco flavouring and mix with 3 ml PG base liquid. Add 0.5 ml of natural chocolate extract and one drop of FA rose flavouring. Top up with your favourite flavourless PG nicotine liquid, shake, test, and tweak flavour and strength to your liking.

Looking for ready-made Realistic Tobacco Eliquids? Read This!


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