Saturday, June 30, 2012

New European E Liquids: HISVAPE

If you live in UK, or anywhere in Europe and you haven't yet sampled the delights of new German e liquid manufacturer hisVape (actually spelt "h!sVape") then now might be the time! I've just had a large batch of these delivered speedily from Germany to my address in UK and so far, I'm impressed.

HisVape Eliquid Flavours
Crazy, tasty flavours guaranteed at hisVape!
I was originally only interested in hisVape's 36mg PG flavourless liquid, as I was running low on supplies and wanted to see if I could secure an alternative supply of nicotine base liquid. Nevertheless, hisVape's huge range of exotically-named e liquids having also caught my eye, I hot-fingered my way onto their product pages and (thanks to the kindness of hisVape's liquid-mixer-in-chief, Paul) managed to get some nice free samples of both the flavoured and non-flavoured versions of their liquids sent over to me here in UK.

hisVape E liquids: Product Details

HisVape 36mg Nicotine Liquid
hisVape Flavourless 36mg DIY mixing liquid
HisVape e liquids are made from European ingredients, and are PG-based, making them ideal for all cartomiser devices as well as most mini-ecigarette refill cartomisers. E liquids can be broadly divided into tobacco flavours, fruity, and what I can only describe as "crazy" flavours, which include such oddities as "Hazy Shade", and "Belly Dancer".

Individual flavoured hisVape e liquids come in four strengths (Zero, 6mg, 12, 18mg) and two sizes: 10ml and 50ml. Prices are set according to nicotine strength, so for 10ml bottles, you pay €5.99 for 0mg, and €6.35 for 18mg. Larger bottles of 50ml likewise start at €25.49. Flavourless 36mg PG nicotine liquid is available in just one bottle size, strength and price: 50ml (€11.69).

VAT is included in these prices, though a flat shipping cost of €9.90 is charged on orders from European countries, including UK; hisVape also ships worldwide, for a few extra euros. If you're based in Germany, shipping is €3.90. All bottled e liquids from hisVape come with CHIP-compliant safety caps, best-before dates and batch codes.


hisVape: Delivery and customer service

My hard-box package of sixteen 10ml bottles of 18mg e-liquid arrived at my UK address from Germany, four days after I had placed my order on the hisVape website. This is particularly impressive considering a formatting error on the website meant that I had some issues entering my UK address, though apparently this has now been fixed.

Overall, I found the ordering process, tracked delivery and careful packaging extremely efficient. As for customer service, hisVapes is clearly a small family business that is passionate about what it does and as such is clearly keen to look after its customers wherever they are based. Staff I contacted regarding my order spoke excellent English and were very friendly and helpful. Should you doubt any of their credentials, they even let you look inside their e liquid factory:


My Tests and Verdicts on hisVape E liquids: 

All hisVape liquids were tested by myself in seperate cartomisers and atomisers with a fixed-voltage Riva 510 battery (about 3.5V). Because all hisVape liquids use the same PG base formulation, vapour production and flavour quality are fairly consistent across the board: slightly less visible vapour than VG products but much stronger flavours on the whole, as is typical with most other PG liquids. All hisVape flavoured liquids I tested were 18mg in strength.

hisVape:  Tobacco E Liquids

HisVape Tobacco Flavours

HisVape mixes and supplies six tobacco flavour e liquids in total: Mild, Regular, Strong, Churchill, 3x5 and Mild Menthol.

MILD is a very smooth, earthy and distinctive tobacco flavour, with a tangy, almost citrus overtone. Difficult to isolate any one flavour here, as this is a complex mixture of several well-balanced notes, though a very refreshing and satisfying vape nevertheless. Quite sweet, though well-balanced with the sharper notes. A great liquid for early morning/all-day vaping. My rating: 8.5 / 10

REGULAR is a very peculiar though extremely mellow and flavoursome tobacco liquid that is sweet but with clean, dry resiny, woody overtones. The only really clear note I can identify is amber, though there are other things going on too, also coming from somewhere deep in the forest! This liquid tastes as good out of an atomiser as it is does from a carto. I can't get tired of this one. The perfect campfire vape! My rating: 9.5 / 10

STRONG seems to be a fairly close cousin of "regular", though this one is fuller, sweeter, fruitier and woodier on the whole. Quite a strong mouth flavour with this one and very satisfying, though it didn't make as big an impression on me as the regular or mild. My rating: 7.5 / 10

CHURCHILL is the only hisVape e liquid that has a strong and almost immediately recognisable "European" flavour. If you love FlavourArt's tobacco flavourings or eliquids then you might like "Churchill" a lot, though for me, the key flavour is a bit too obvious and not as well-balanced as the other liquids in this range. Churchill is nevertheless a very warm, sweet and satisfying tobacco-like vape, with underlying chocolate, coconut and vanilla notes that remind you vaguely of pipe smoke. Definitely pleasant, though not my favourite liquid. My rating: 7 / 10

3X5 is the closest you will ever get to a tobacco pudding. This liquid is syrupy, caramelly and buttery and seems to be a European take on DKTab or maybe RY4. Personally, I would put 3X5 somewhere between RY4 and the super-sweet RY5, though unlike some of these, 3X5 has a more distinct tobacco flavour. Sweet, nutty and again, a vague reminder of that European flavour. I tend to like drier, earthier vapes so 3X5 wasn't really my cup of tea, though if you're into your sweet tobacco vapes, then hisVape 3X5 might be just up your street! My rating: 6 / 10

MILD MENTHOL is a very strong and satisfying peppermint and tobacco flavoured liquid that does everything a menthol liquid should. Unlike many menthols which just blow your head off and leave your mouth dry, hisVape Mild Menthol is mellow and gentle on the mucous membranes and so can be vaped all day. Very smooth and refreshing - I really liked this one a lot. My rating: 9 / 10

Visit the hisVape website to find out more about these e liquids  
For English language version of the h!sVape site click top right-hand union flag symbol on the site


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