Sunday, June 30, 2013

Electronic cigar anyone? ROK Stogie Review

After several years of wondering whether electronic cigars were actually real or not, a couple of weeks ago someone actually sent me one in the post to review. Unbelievably, this wasn't a prank parcel from a friend, but instead the latest de rigueur disposable electronic cigar from ROK, a Churchill-style full corona called the ROK Stogie.

electronic cigar
After having forced myself quietly into a small cupboard in order to alleviate my fear that a member of my family might be alarmed at catching a healthy young man chuffing on a massive cigar, I ventured to slide the ROK Stogie from it's small box and was impressed that it had been tightly wrapped in crinkly cellophane- much like your average corona.

Packaging aside, the 4-inch long device itself is very close to your average tobacco cigar in terms of appearance: very realistic tobacco leaf design around the body and even boasts a very authentic-looking label on the neck. Tip lights up blue when you take a draw though, which isn't so realistic, though the rest of it looks great.

ROK e cigar

Despite my initial concerns, after a couple of puffs I was pretty much married to the Stogie and even let my beloved JAC VGO2 languish uncharged and neglected in favour of this new imposter.

Flavour-wise this electronic cigar is very tasty indeed and very strong (perhaps too strong for some) and has a very reliable draw, though vapour tasted more like a warm creamy classic tobacco than cigar - I guess the dry leathery flavour of real cigars must be a hard one to get exactly right - a very pleasant flavour nonetheless, though. 

Unlike every other disposable cigarette I've tried, the ROK Stogie kept on putting out vapour for ages and I managed a full three days of manic puffing before it was time to say farewell and make the peace sign to myself in the mirror for the last time before discarding it forever.

Bags of flavour and stronger than even some variable voltage ecigarettes I've tried. The perfect gift for dads and uncles, the ROK Stogie was a big hit with me and I'll be back for more soon. Go on, make your country proud!

More about the ROK Stogie Electronic Cigar here

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