Sunday, September 15, 2013

VGO2 VV review after 7 months!

VGO2 battery
Is it possible to get tired of the VGO2 VV tank ecig? Despite puffing on mine for around 7 full months now I'm still pretty happy with the little fella and it's still in fairly good nick despite a few scratches and dents to the battery, though the tank section still looks pretty hot. Win a JAC VGO2 VV here!

Truth be told it was my first variable voltage ecig and I've only tried a couple since, though for me it's still hands down the best all round mid-priced ecig out there... Time to review other options, I wonder? Nah.

Bit too late in the day to do a full VGO2 review here as it's has been out for a while now, but if you're about to make the switch to variable voltage ecigs, take a moment to consider the joys of this fine stonking vaperoo!

VGO2 VV Plus Points: 

  • Smooth and easy to control "spinner" battery dial that never goes wrong (in my experience).
  • Full flavour, tons of vapour and hits you can control with a single twitch of your thumb. 
  • You can stick with the tank (2ml) or switch back to cartos - they both fit battery fine!
  • Unlike with classic 510 Riva batteries, the button is set firm in the battery, so no lost buttons.
  • Battery can be switched off with 5 clicks which stops you setting it off in your pocket
  • Virtually no leaks at all with the tank (see below for cartos)
  • You can buy replacement atomisers as single units for a couple of pounds - no need to buy a whole tank unit
  • Just fill the tank and forget about fussing with refilling, cleaning etc
  • Large and small tank versions available (though I'm happy with the small one)
  • Batteries last an eternity (ok not literally maybe)

VGO2 VV Downsides:

  • With cartos you tend to get a bit of leakage (just get the tanks instead - cheaper, tastier and no fuss!)
  • Voltage over 4.3 is often too strong and flavours can become too rough
  • The tanks are transparent so everyone can see what you're vaping on and assembled unit is quite big, so not much good for stealth vaping
  • Initial spend is quite high at around £50 (though you get two big batteries and a nice case thrown in)
  • Batteries won't fit classic 510 or 510 Riva cartos
Find out more about the great VGO2 variable voltage ecig here or add your own review below!

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