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UK-Made Nicotine Base Liquid (UK Supplier) £9.99 - 30 ml or £100.00 - 1000ml

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NEW! Made in UK!
Platinum Ice PG nicotine base liquid is supplied by  Ecig wizard UK. 30ml bottles for £9.99 inc VAT. Bulk 1 litre bottles can be ordered for £100.00.

Warning: Platinum Ice 54 is a cheap but powerful nicotine mixing liquid and must be handled with hand and eye protection. Do not use this product without diluting first. Sales to over 18s only.

HisVape 36ml Flavourless Nicotine Liquid

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A new clean-vaping European PG-based nicotine liquid produced by HisVapes Liquid Manufacturers, a German company that specialises in flavoured and non-flavoured nicotine e liquids. A completely neutral nicotine base EU-made liquid, HisVapes flavourless is perfect for home-made mixes, and thanks to its PG-only base, is perfect for mixes for cartomiser PVs or mini e cigarette devices that require a thinner consistency. Great customer service and super-fast delivery from this EU-based supplier. HisVapes also supplies base liquids in VG and VPG (VG and PG Mix).
50ml - 36mg



FlavourArt Heaven Juice

Heaven Juice is a DIY nicotine base liquid from FlavourArt Express. It has a clean, satisfying flavour, and no after-taste. Heaven Juice is available in 3 blends and can be bought pure (without flavouring) or you can choose from among many flavourings from FlavourArt.

50ml: 11   (24mg)  / 14 (36mg)

100ml: 21,50   (24mg) / 23,50 (36mg)

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There are 3 Heaven Juice blends:
VELVET CLOUD - 80% VG - 20% Water 
Thick and sweet-ideal for dripping/cartridges/atomisers
ICE BLADE - 90% PG - 10% Water  Sharper and thinner-ideal for cartomisers
TRADITIONAL- 50% PG - 40% VG - 10% Water
A good all-purpose liquid for all electronic smoking devices